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This is the endless question that most of people is wondering before going to Koh Chang.

Don't worry, there are lots of activities for everybody. The most adventurous can discover the tropical forest with a guide, the families with children can enjoy an elephant trek or climb on top of the trees and the laziest can sip their cocktail at the pool or just fry lying on the sand.

In the adventurous activities I include the different jungle treks, from few hours to one long day. Be physically prepared, the forest is very hot, humid and the mountain is sometime hard to climb, you will sweat more in one day in the forest than maybe the full year at your home.
Most of the jungle treks will propose you descent shoes but if you have you own, take them with you, your feet will thank you a lot.
And if you are lucky.... or unlucky, you will meet "beautiful" snakes, big spiders and you will learn about wild plants.
In this activity I also add ATV tours into the forest.

For the families, couples, or even if you are alone, there are mountain bike tours with guides. They will bring you away from the main roads. Elephant treks are also a nice experience, you can even take a bath with them and feed them at the end of the tour.
With the TopTreeAdventure you will get a different view of the forest. Kids but also adults will have a lot of fun.

Being in Koh Chang without discovering the sea life is like going to a pub to drink a glass of water. There are lots of diving shops and schools along the island with most of the tour boats living from Ao Bang Bao, at the south of the island. They can bring you to different diving places.
And if you don't want to dive but still want to discover the sea beauties, you still have snorkelling. If you want to swim with beautiful exotic fishes and spend a nice time, I recommend you Thaifun

From the morning to late in the evening you will find hundreds of shops located on the west side of the island. You can find all type of souvenirs, clothes and even luggage if yours are too small to bring back the load of souvenirs you have bought.
If you are looking for custom-made clothes (suits, shirts or dresses), I strongly recommend Milano Fashion who is located in Chai Chet. They can made the suit you want in a record time.

Thailand is also famous for its traditional Thai bamboo tattoo technic. From the north to the south you will find a lot of studios, some of them doing only machine tattoos and others using the old traditional way with a bamboo.

Like eating and drinking is also an activity for some of us, you will be happy to be in Koh Chang. You can find all type of food and drinks. If you don't like Thai cuisine, no worries, there are Italian, German, Indian,... restaurants, you can even find excellent pizzas and burgers. And for the drinks, the list would be too long but from the supermarkets or in the pubs you won't be thirsty.

And for the laziest, there is the pool and/or the beach.
Most of the resorts have one or more swimming pools with their own bar where you can directly order excellent cocktails. At the pool or at the beach, remember to protect your skin! Even if it's cloudy, you can get terrible sunburns. Don't forget to hydrate your skin and yourself as well. If you take too much sun, drink a lot of water and apply in the evening natural Aloe vera gel or Coconut oil which can be found in a lot of stores. 




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The Koh Chang Guide

Ing Taxi

TAxi Innova
Bangkok - Koh Chang: 3500 THB/4 pers.

The Malibu Bar

The Malibu BarA cosy place for all the family with an excellent Bartender fan of Bob Marley.
Located in Chai Chet, Coconut Plaza.


Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa

Koh Chang Paradise Resort & SpaOne of the best Resorts of the island, a small piece of Heaven with its 260 meters long beach front.


Naka Tattoo

Naka Tattoo StudioIn the north of White Sand Beach, Naka Tattoo Studio is one of the best tattooists and painter you can find.


Abella Cuisine

Abella CuisineLocated in a peaceful square in Chai Chet, Abella Cuisine is specialised in Italian and Thai cooking with reasonable prices.


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