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His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

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11 December 2016

Without any notification, yesterday the national park entry has been increased for divers.

If you are going to dive or to snorkel into the national park area, you will be obliged to pay the entry. Be careful if you are going to any tour boat, even if you don't dive, snorkel or even swim the national park rangers will ask you to pay. Which is not fair at all!

The entries are now:
For divers: 400 thb for foreigners and 240 thb for Thai
For snorkellers: 200 thb for foreigners and 40 thb for Thai

If you are now looking for a professional diving or snorkelling company, I recommend you BB Divers. It's a 5-stars Padi diving center but also the oldest on Koh Chang with an international team and instructors.
Their headquarter is located in Bang Bao but they have small offices almost everywhere on the island. BB Divers is also present on Koh Mak and Koh Kood.

BB Divers is offering a special discount to all Sawadee Koh Chang readers. To know more about it you can send them an email or a private message from their Facebook page.

BB Divers BB Divers BB Divers
BB Divers BB Divers BB Divers
BB Divers BB Divers BB Divers

(pictures copyright: BB Divers Koh Chang - www.bbdivers-koh-chang.com)

06 December 2016

Harley Moon Hideway, a brand new resort in Bailan has just finished to build their beautiful swimming-pool. The swimming-pool is available to their guests and is surrounded by their new and very nice bungalows. This small resort is an ideal place if you are looking for a quiet stay but not far from the animation of Lonely Beach.

Harley Moon Hideaway

For more details, read Harley Moon Hideaway's review!

01 December 2016

Next Saturday (after tomorrow) there will be the 1st Koh Chang International Chili Cook Off which will be held at SALT Beach Bistro in Coral Resort in Kai Bae.
There will be lots of fun and it will be possible to taste everything. You are all welcome!!!!!

All in aid of Koh Chang rescue!

1st Koh Chang International Chili Cook Off 1st Koh Chang International Chili Cook Off

28 November 2016

Last week Koh Chang has been quiet even if the high season has already started. The weather is very nice, sometimes a bit cloudy but beautiful sunny days and all ending with a unique and colourful sunset.
If you are planning to visit Koh Chang in December or beginning of next year and if you haven't still booked your hotel or resort, hurry up, some places are already fully booked for the coming months.

Last week I have added 2 new places in my recommendation list. Both are completely new.

The first one is a small resort named Harley Moon Hideaway and located in Bailan, between Lonely Beach and Bang Bao.
As you can guess it from the name, the owners are huge fans of bike. They have 5 modern bungalows and their swimming-pool should be finished and ready in less than 2 weeks!

Harley Moon Hideaway Harley Moon Hideaway Harley Moon Hideaway

For more details, read Harley Moon Hideaway's review!

The second place added is The Habitat Hostel with dormitory rooms and located in Chai Chet, a less than 5 minutes walk from Klong Prao beach.
They have 2 rooms with 6 and 4 beds. The big advantage of this hostel is its location, you get everything, the nature, the shopping and dinning area and the beach.
If you don't mind to share your room with other people and looking for a comfortable but cheap and modern room, then this place is made for you!

The Habitat Hostel The Habitat Hostel The Habitat Hostel The Habitat Hostel

For more details, read The Habitat Hostel's review!

21 November 2016

White Sand Beach is maybe the most popular beach of Koh Chang and also the most visited. It has been the first area developed for tourism and the name is quiet attracting, "White Sand" sounds better than "Black Sand", "Rocky Beach" or even "Amber Sand". But in fact the sand is not whiter than the other beaches from the west coast. It's just a name, like Lonely Beach which is not lonely or Long Beach which is not very long ;)

White Sand has the biggest activity of the island, you can find all what you need, there are of course lots of clothes and souvenir shops but also supermarkets, drugstores, travelling agencies, hairdressers, massage studiostattooists, restaurants, pubs, guesthouses, hotels and resorts. And for all budgets!

White Sand Beach White Sand Beach White Sand Beach White Sand Beach

Discover White Sand Beach!

17 November 2016

Last Monday we celebrated Loy Krathong which takes place every year on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar.

Loy means "to float" and Krathong is a small container made of a slice of the trunk of a banana tree or a spider lily plant decorated with banana leaves, incense sticks and a candle. A small coin is sometimes added as an offering to the river spirits.

Everybody has been celebrating Loy Krathong and lots of places were proposing people to realise their own krathong.
In the evening, you could see lots of candles floating on the sea or rivers. There were lots of happenings in the resorts to celebrate it and different atmospheres all around the island.

And on top of that it was the Super Moon. 

Some of you know or have heard about the Traditional Thai Bamboo Tattooing. If you don't know what it is, it's an ancient technique which was used by the monks for protection.
After all these years the technique is still practised and lots of people coming to Thailand and looking to get tattooed prefer the old method than the modern noisy machine.
King, there are several tattooists named "King", the one located on the south of the island, in the village of Klong Kloi, in Bang Bao, is an expert in bamboo tattooing. If you are looking for an original or unique tattoo with a touch of Thailand, he is the person you need to meet.

More info about "Traditional Bamboo Tattoo by King"!

11 November 2016

For the fitness addicts, the gymaholics, the weight lifters or just for you who like to practice indoor exercises even during your holidays, Koh Chang Paradise resort & Spa which is located in Chai Chet and on the north part of Klong Prao beach, has just opened their brand new Fitness Center.
It's opened only to their guests from 6.00 am to 8.00 pm and free of charge.

Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa - Fitness Center Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa - Fitness Center Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa - Fitness Center Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa - Fitness Center

For more details, read Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa's review!

06 November 2016

Yesterday a whale shark has been seen off the coasts of Koh Chang.
Don't worry, this kind of shark is harmless to human, it's moving slowly, mouth wide opened to filter the water and to feed exclusively of plankton. They are scary by their size but if you would have the chance to meet one of them during your dive you will realise how majestic they are.

Unfortunately if you are going to the different snorkelling spots you will not be able to see a whale shark, they normally don't swim in shallow waters and close to the coasts.

(Pictures copyright: แหลมนี้ มีกระทือ)

Do you know what is a Khanom Krok or have you ever tasted it?
A Khanom Krok is a Thai coconut pudding which is sweet and which can be eaten like that as a snack or as a dessert and it's delicious.
There are different variations but it's mainly made of rice flour, coconut, sugar, steamed rice and green onion. They are often prepared on the street side. They are quite cheap, around 20 baht the punnet of 5 and it's better to eat them warm.
The first rice flour mix is cooked followed by the sweet coconut milk topping. You should try them.

(Pictures copyright: Thomas Koch Travel & Adventure)

And finally Thaifun is back!
After a low season to rest, and to take care of the boat they are operating again. The boat has been cleaned, checked, serviced and repainted and the famous Noknoi, Wat, Yeng, Prom, the lovely Captain and the rest of the crew are now ready to welcome you everyday and to entertain you.
In the program, fun, fun, fun, snorkelling, eating and more fun ;)

30 October 2016

This week the weather in Koh Chang has been similar to a woman's mood :)
One day it was raining, the other day sunny and blue sky. But anyway the temperature is still very warm and rain or not it feels always good in a swimming-pool. The sea is still a bit dangerous and better to avoid it when there are red flags.

(view from Bhuvarin Resort in Bang Bao. One day rain, one day blue sky)

Tomorrow school will start again on Koh Chang and kids are enjoying their last day of holidays. And the high season will also start with higher rates in all resorts, hotels and B&B and of course more visitors. You can always find the best rates here!

And finally if you are panning to come to Koh Chang and still don't know how to get there, why not to travel with a private driver? I really recommend you Ing Taxi, he is very serious, safe and not expensive at all. Only 3500 bath for 4 persons (+ ferry tickets) from anywhere in Bangkok to anywhere on Koh Chang.

Don't wait the last moment to contact him, Ing and his teammates have already a lot of bookings for the end of this year and beginning of 2017.

More information about transfers from and to Koh Chang!

25 October 2016

T.P. Hut Bungalows in Pearl beach is now ready for the high season.
They have spent the last months to renovate and upgrade all their bungalows. Last year the new owners already replaced all the mattresses by new ones. This year the roofs and ceilings have been replaced.
If you are looking for a quiet resort, away from the busy main road and not so far from the beach, then have a look at T.P. Hut Bungalows.

T.P. Hut Bungalows T.P. Hut Bungalows T.P. Hut Bungalows T.P. Hut Bungalows

For more details, read T.P. Hut Bungalows review!

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