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04 August 2016

Pajamas Koh Chang, a cosy hostel from the north of Klong Prao, has received its first TripAdvisor award thanks to their hard work and to the satisfaction of their guests. It has been added to my TripAdvisor Award 2016 list.
And on top of that, it's ranked number 1 by TripAdvisor in Koh Chang lodgings.

Pajamas Koh Chang

If you are planning your holidays in Koh Chang and if you are still wondering where to stay, have a look at the lists I have done. There is the TripAdvisor Awards 2016 list and my own Recommendation list which are both reliable places that I like. Some are even in both list.

TripAdvisor Awards 2016

03 August 2016

Another resort has been added to my recommendation list. Bhumiyama Beach Resort is a small 4-star resort with rooms and bungalows spread in a tropical garden and located directly on the sandy part of Lonely beach.
The restaurant and the multi-level swimming-pool are facing the sea which are very good places to enjoy sunsets.

This is also a resort where you can organise your wedding or spend your honeymoon. Contact them in advance and they will arrange everything for you.

Bhumiyama Beach Resort  Bhumiyama Beach Resort Bhumiyama Beach Resort Bhumiyama Beach Resort

For more details, read Bhumiyama Beach Resort's review!

28 July 2016

The weather is grey in Koh Chang.
This week we got showers and sun. It's raining for 15 minutes then the sun is shining again. And even if it's raining, the weather is still warm, so if you are in Koh Chang right now, or planning to come soon, don't let the rain spoil your holidays. There are still plenty of things to do.

Rain from Amber Sands Beach Resort Paddle boarding at Amber Sands Beach Resort

(Credit: Amber Sands Beach Resort)

Lots of resorts are taking advantage of the low season to renovate their buildings, rooms, garden, swimming-pool and so on.
Kai Bae Beach Resort is one of them and this month they have finished to renovate their Garden View Bungalows.

Kai Bae Beach Resort Kai Bae Beach Resort Kai Bae Beach Resort

If you planning your next holidays in Koh Chang, have a look at my recommendation list. The list is growing slowly like I don't want to add any place which doesn't fit to my level of expectations :) To make it simple, I wouldn't recommend a place where I wouldn't like to go myself, which means dirty, not safe, bad atmosphere, staff not helpful, bad location, over-priced, bad quality of the services offered,.... I know, I'm exigent ;)

On my list you can find all the information you need to get the right picture of the place: location on the map, description of the resort, what kind of rooms or bungalows they have, what do you get in each room, shops and restaurants around, services proposed and the different links to their webpage, Facebook page, contact information and booking websites to see the best rates you can get.
And of course, if you need any help you can always contact me!

My recommended places where to stay in Koh Chang

25 July 2016

My favourite beach is Klong Prao beach, the longest sandy beach of the island but also one of the less crowded of the west coast during the high season. And on the north part of this beach, also called Chai Chet beach, is one of my favourite resorts which is Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa.
This resort has one of the longest beach front and has been awarded for several years by TripAdvisor. There are different types of bungalows spread in a beautiful tropical garden. The swimming-pool is at less than 10 meters from the beach but the gems of this resort are the Pool Villas. Each villa has its own private pool as you can guess from the name but they are also surrounded by a wooden fence for your own privacy.

For more details, read Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa's review!

21 July 2016

The new Cancun bar is now opened in Lonely beach, and it's located directly on the beach.
Music, DJ, cocktails and other drinks, sunset and of course the beach, here is what you can expect at Cancun bar. Fire shows will be also performed during the high season.

07 July 2016

It has been a week since the last update. Life in Koh Chang is going slowly, it's the low season and the island is very quiet. The weather is very nice for a rainy season and beaches are completely empty.

Like there isn't so much things happening right now, here are beautiful butterfly pictures taken by Paweena Khamsap. Since few weeks she has been feeding and protecting big caterpillars which have now turned to beautiful and big butterflies.
There are lots of butterflies in Koh Chang which can be seen all the year. Some of them are really big.

(Credit pictures: Paweena Khamsap)

30 June 2016

Chai Chet is known for its viewpoint but it's a small village with few nice resorts and the beginning of the north part of Klong Prao beach.

Discover Chai Chet!

26 June 2016

The new Koh Chang Treasure Map is now online and can be downloaded here.
It's what you need to have in your backpack when you are travelling in Koh Chang, it's full of useful information!

25 June 2016

Pearl beach, between White Sand beach and Chai Chet, is a small rocky beach, very quiet with few good resorts and 2 big supermarkets. Prices are lower than other popular beaches and if you don't miss sandy beaches, this place could be a good alternative.

Discover Pearl Beach!

24 June 2016

If you are planning to come to visit Koh Chang you may wonder how to get there once landed in Bangkok.
Depending of your budget there are different ways. The cheapest is the bus which is also the longest. And once arrived at the pier, you will have to manage by yourself, buy the ferry ticket, take the ferry and get a taxi.
The plane from Bangkok to Trat is the fastest and also the most expensive. But in some cases, when you will add the transit time in Bangkok and the time to travel from Trat airport to Koh Chang, it may become as long as travelling by car.
Shared minibuses are cheaper than the plane or a private car but more expensive than buses. I don't recommend them like they normally drive over-speed and take useless risks. On top of that they are full loaded which means you will be stuck inside for several hours with other people.

I always recommend Ing Taxi who is a private driver and a trustable person who is taking care of his passengers.
Ing will pick you up where ever you want, at the airport, at a hotel in Bangkok but also from any other place in Thailand and he, or his team mates, will drive you directly to your resort in Koh Chang. No bad surprise with the prices, they are already defined and you can check them on his webpage (http://www.ingtaxi.com/index.php/rates) and the payment will be done once arrived.
It will cost you 3500 bahts (+ the ferry tickets) from Bangkok to your resort in Koh Chang for 1 or 4 persons in his Toyata Innova or 5500 bahts (+ ferry tickets) up to 9 persons in a minibus.
The biggest advantage is to be alone with your friends or family and you can ask him to stop when ever you want.

Like always, you can contact me if you need more information and I will help you with pleasure!

More information about Ing Taxi!

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